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A consulting firm founded on the principles of Honesty, Clarity, Simplicity. As experts in our field for over 20 years, Bluemina consultants are some of the most experienced international property experts and residency visa professionals in the Middle East. Bluemina Citizenship & Immigration was established with the aim of helping people gain control over their lives by way of seeking and securing new opportunities across borders. Over the years, clients have sought us out for a variety of reasons, be it to escape their country’s political and economic instabilities, the need for stronger security protocols to protect themselves and their loved ones, and the desire to broaden their investment portfolio in an organic and successful manner. Bluemina can help investors and their families plan for the future, protect their wealth and have the opportunity to experience greater international mobility .

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Listen to Your Needs

We shortlist a number of potential countries for your needs as part of the introductory process, and walk you through each of them and then identify the best possible citizenship-by-investment or permanent residency option that best suits your needs and that of your family’s. As policies, rules and regulations are often updated and changed, Bluemina’s expert team is best able to guide you. This allows us to offer the most customised approach to immigration and citizenship solutions.


Advise on the Best Path

Our immigration and citizenship professionals are highly experienced, and therefore able to bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Their combined prowess allows us to offer you the most feasible and efficient country programme as a result. Aside from assisting you with fulfilling all the necessary steps with regards to helping you secure your permanent residency/ second passport, we will also keep you immediately updated of any changes to laws and regulations that may directly affect the outcome of your application.


Deliver the Best Solution

Our goal is to offer the utmost precise and high quality services, we ensure we do our very best in helping our clients achieve their goals. We are particular about complete transparency and one-on-one interaction, so we can therefore ensure a seamless process throughout and deliver 100% success rate to all our applicants.

Citizenship and
Immigration Services

Over the past 2 decades, Bluemina has built and sustained relationships with immigration and citizenship officials all around the world. To-date, we invest our unwavering efforts towards maintaining that rapport which has proven to be extremely beneficial for our clients. These relationships have been established on trust and dependability, and we will continue to work on the same principles to ensure a long and healthy working relationship all round.

Some of the
Benefits Provided

SAFEGUARD your business & your family

OPEN global bank accounts & businesses

NO NEED to surrender your current nationality

PERMANENT citizenship for generations

NO MORE visa applications

SUPPORT for passport and consular services

SMOOTH process with experienced company

We are proudly recognised as ICCRC members. The CCRC was designated by the government of Canada to regulate the immigration consulting and advising professions. It administers a robust complaints and discipline process. Bluemina complies with the ICCRC Code of Professional Ethics ensuring that our customers are effectively protected.

The intention of our Bluemina news Section is to be able to share our global experience, key industry knowledge, relationships, events and important news. We have put together our News section to not only inform you about what is new with us, and offer an insight into valuable industry details including events around the globe and happenings. Take a moment to explore our new site, perhaps bookmark us, and be sure to check back regularly for more information about our services, news and tips.

The Global Rise of Strategic Dual Citizenship

Opinion: The Global Rise of Strategic Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship

Reforms of the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship programme

Mandatory Checks at External EU Borders made Possible

Mandatory Checks at External EU Borders made Possible

Antigua new policy

Antigua Taking a Harder Line

Moratorium to Hungary’s Bond Residency’s Program

Moratorium to Hungary’s Bond Residency’s Program

Dominica Fees and Program

Dominica Reduces fees & makes changes to program

EB-5 Visa USA

New Proposal Seeks To Raise Minimum Investment For EB-5 Visa

Why Dual Citizenship is a must-have life insurance policy?

Residency Through Real Estate: The Golden Visa

Cyprus The Most sought out country for investors

All of our solutions are tailor-made just for you

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