Moldova Citizenship By Investment

An Eastern-European nation steeped in rich culture and history, Moldova is among the most breathtakingly beautiful nations in Europe. Its landscapes feature varied terrains that span forests, rocky hills and vineyards, all of which offer spectacular experiences to nature lovers, while its cities offer a combination of Soviet, Ottoman and rustic architecture that lend the country a character uniquely its own.
While Moldova is still actively pursing EU membership, it has a long-term agreement with the EU that provides many of the economic and trade benefits of membership. In the Moldova Citizenship by Investment program, an applicant may benefit from visa free travel to over 120 countries including Russia and Turkey. Its economy is continually growing, with one of the most active service sectors in the continent and with a progressive legislative environment that is conducive to foreign investments. This makes Moldova one of the more convenient and promising choices for a second citizenship.    

Moldova citizenship by investment requirements include the investment and contribution to the Public Investment Fund (PIF).


The Moldova citizenship by investment applicant makes a one-time non-refundable monetary donation to Public Investment Fund. The contribution will depend on the size of family as follows:

Family Structure  Contribution Amount Government Fees Due Diligence (DD) and Passport Fees 
100,000  €5,000 Due Diligence: 6,000
Biometric Passport Fees: €300
Family Structure couples 115,000 Main Applicant:  €5,000
Spouse: €2,500
Due Diligence Main applicant: 6,000
Due Diligence spouse: €5,000
Biometric Passport Fees: €300 / applicant
Family Structure Main Applicant, Spouse
and up to 2 dependents: 145,000* 

Main Applicant, Spouse
and 3 dependents or more:155,000
Dependent children between
the ages of 0-15: €1,000
Dependent children between
the ages of 16-29: €2,500
Dependent parents 55 years
or above: €5,000
Due Diligence Main Applicant: 6,000
Due Diligence for Spouse: €5,000
Due Diligence for dependents above 16 years/
dependent parents: €5,000
Biometric Passport Fees: €300 / applicant

Benefits of Moldova Citizenship

  • Moldova passport obtained within 3 months
  • A lifetime second citizenship from state that has an association agreement with the EU and is a candidate country for EU membership
  • Molodva Passports allows visa free travel to over 122 countries around the world, including Schengen states, Russia and Tukey
  • No double taxation for residents living and making an income outside of the country
  • Moldova citizenship can be passed on to future generations