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A Second Passport
In Months

Having a second passport gives you the freedom to travel, whether for work, personal, or education

A Better Quality
Of Life

Give yourself more financial options. Open a bank account where you please and take your business to different places.

A Secure Future For
You & Your Family

It is a time to secure your children and grandchildren’s future where they can live, study and work.

We provide our clients with “golden visas” for a variety of reasons, several benefits including freedom to travel, asset security, personal insurance, family education, a legacy for future family members and much more. When combined with the right investment, the decision can result in security as well as significant financial returns.

Golden visas are a highly beneficial form of permanent residency, providing a stable future for generations to come. Therefore, those who wish to pursue a life in the European Union will be able to look forward to a host of advantages in one of the most lucrative regions in the world.

Typically, permanent residency and citizenship here are related to real estate. With an increasing number of countries in the EU joining the initiative, you now have greater freedom of choice than ever. From Portugal to Cyprus, Spain and Greece, there are a multitude of options for our clients to consider. Our team of experts will guide you through the laws applicable within each country, along with details of costs and conditions of the visa to ensure you have a thorough understanding every step of the way.

The underlying principle of the golden visa is, however, the same across all countries: if you are able to make an investment in a European country, you will in turn be granted a residence visa.

Aside from prominent business prospects and a higher quality of life, one of the reasons many seek residency visas in Europe, is due to the greater freedom of travel. The Schengen Area which is comprised of 26 countries, is a highly sought after region because of the expansive network of countries that are conveniently knitted together. Rich in vivid cultures, unique gastronomical experiences and individual traditions, these countries have more than security and investments to offer. With a golden visa secured, it is also possible to enter and exit their common borders without a passport.


You can secure immediate residency in Spain with a €500,000 investment in real estate. Though the visa is generally issued for one year, you may apply for a residency permit at the end of the year. Additionally, immediate family members which includes spouses and dependents will also be taken into account under the visa. The €500,000 investment may also be invested in one single property, or multiple.

Portugal boasts not only stunning landscapes, but also a very attractive taxation system. Furthermore, Portugal also offers the most convenience in terms of retaining your golden visa, as visa holders only need visit the country 7 days every year to maintain it. Property investments may start from €350,000 or €500,000 depending on certain criteria, so speak to one of our professionals for more information. Immediate family members are also included in the visa.

The island nation of Malta is picturesque and highly conducive for those seeking permanent residency for a number of reasons. Property purchases should amount to at least €350,000, and family members can also be included.  In addition, it is required to donate €650,000 to the government and make an investment of €150,000 in Government bonds. The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP) also offers a 5 year residency period, after which it is renewable.

With its sunshine, rich culture and extensive history, Greece has fast become one of the primary choices in Europe. Interested applicants are required to make a minimum investment of €250,000, and it must also be noted that the terms of the visa here are different. Valid for 5 years, investors are allowed to live though not work in Greece, and should the property be sold, the visa will be re-assigned to the new owner.

Investors interested in securing citizenship through investment in Cyprus will need to invest around €300,000 minimum in property. Once permanent residency has been granted, the holder of a Cypriot permanent residency can travel back and forth from his home country to Cyprus. The permanent residency also extends to immediate family members.


If you are interested in pursuing alternate options for permanent residency aside from investment, these are the countries we represent that offer residency by means of government bonds. For further information, please get in touch with one of our consultants.

Consult our team of proficient immigration experts for assistance and guidance.


  • Freedom of travel within Schengen area
  • Benefit from world-call EU education and EU healthcare
  • Security for yourself and your family
  • Citizenship opportunity
  • Right to live, work and study anywhere in the EU

Golden Visa Programme 

Simplify the Process

We understand that the application process can be tedious, and at times even confusing to handle on your own, which is why we are here to help. From ensuring all documents are signed accordingly and backed by all relevant supporting documents including any required translations, and correctly filled application forms.

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From the point of consultation to the point the visa or second passports are granted, our team is at the helm, making sure the entire process is completed as efficiently as possible. We act as the intermediary, bridging the gap between government officials and our clients.

Ease & Worry Free

Bluemina aims to deliver a consistently stress-free process for our clients. It is in fact, our priority to ensure that the entire application process is as simple and straight-forward as possible. In order to do so, our consultants work systematically and methodically so they may handle each application with utmost precision and attention.

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